People always ask us how they can help.  The best and easiest way to help is to donate.  You can rest assured that 100% of the donations given go to Yonder Life.

Many of you have asked about Yonder Life current details. Here is a brief rundown of investment needs:


1.  We have 21 children from 10 families we are currently helping. Along with weekly communication to help empower them to sustainability, we are funding school tuition, supplies, fees, uniforms, essential foods, pesticides, shoes, etc. We fund our NGO in Uganda to support 2 board members with a monthly salary to do all the work on the ground there in Uganda, from checking on families and children to all administrational tasks for current and future work. If you add up all those expenses and divide it up equally, we need 25 reoccurring monthly donors investing $50 each to maintain the level of service we are providing.

2.  We have acquired 5 acres and have the title for one piece of land. The owner through misrepresentation and greed has forced us to look elsewhere for land instead of purchasing the land next to the one we already purchased. That 5 acres we own is very close to town and is valuable. We are already “spreading” the word that it is for sale. Every few days Soldier Frank or one of our close friends there takes someone new to look at it. We paid right at $25k for it and pray to sell it for no less than $33k. The local people seem to think that will be possible. It just might take a 6-8 months.

3.  While I was there, God showed Frank and me the land he had planned for us all along, two separate pieces that serve the purpose of all our needs. One is 13 acres that already has a workers house, pig pens, and goat pens. It’s fully fenced off for cattle, has a creek, and limestone rock (which can be sold and used in building). We can build our children’s home and schools on this one piece of land. They sold the land to us for $32k. We have paid $17k as a down payment and have four payments of roughly $3,900 each of the next four months. One or both pieces of land will also have a fish farm developed on it.

4.  The second piece God showed us is a 30 acre fertile farm. It isn’t good for building but is extremely good for farming. It also has a creek and is currently growing bananas, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, maze, and much more. We see this as a great resource for becoming self-sustainable to not only our children and school children, but to sell/barter the abundance of food we will have. In between semesters the children of Yonder will have two weeks off. We will use this land as a retreat/get away for them to work and camp-out on the land. We have negotiated a price of $20k for this piece but can’t move forward with any purchase until we sell the 5 acres or pay-off the first piece.

5.  Once the land is purchased we will start raising money for breaking ground on the buildings. We will house up to 60 vulnerable children in 5 different homes, each housing 12 children. We will have a guest house for visitors and international teachers to stay in. We will have a fellowship hall where all Yonder folk will come to eat and socialize. We will have a Kindergarten, Primary School, and Secondary School educating approximately 1500 students. Education in Uganda is not free for anyone. The tuition paid by all these students will be a main contributor in self-sustainability for the future of Yonder in Uganda.

6.  Amy and I are excited and overwhelmed by this journey the Lord has placed us on. As scared as we are at times, we have faith that God is great and will provide what we need. We also both feel that this is just the first of several Yonder Children’s Homes across the globe. God is already having us pray for countries like Russia, Vietnam, and Nepal.