Partnering with local community leaders, teachers, and social workers to identify vulnerable families, empowering them toward sustainability.

Yonder Children’s Home in Fort Portal, Uganda, will be able to care for we will be able to care for 60 children who have been identified and assessed by our staff of social workers as extremely vulnerable. We will provide full room, board, education, and vocational training to children whilst working hand-in-hand with their living family members to improve the quality of life at home, with the aim of reuniting the child back into a safe and sustainable family environment. Children who have no living relatives will be taken in full-time, while we work to find a domestic or foreign family to adopt the child.

Yonder Life has adopted the Rwenzori region; Kyenjojo, Kabarole-Fort Portal and Bundibugyo districts in western Uganda.  We will interview all families recommended by the local board members and assess each family individually to determine what they have been blessed with and where they are in need. Using this system will allow us to partner up families to work together, sharing their strengths with those who show need in that area in order to improve the quality of life for all involved. A community networked to grow and thrive together.

We are building a relationship with an indigenous tribe named, Baamba tribe.  Our goal is to work with their tribal leaders to develop relationships through business and humanitarian work. In keeping with our mission, we will empower the people of the tribe to make sustainable changes that will improve their lives based on their traditions and culture.

The Founders

Frank Aineomugisha

At the age of 7, I saw my mother give out her last breath. This marked the beginning of another life story full of suffering as an orphan and vulnerability as a child. Following this life experience I realized all I went through was base line training of giving back hope, love, and care to children and people in similar life experiences. The dream of helping orphans kept burning inside my heart for years. In March 2013, I met Chad Griffin from Texas and I shared my vision with him and his wife Amy.

In 2014 I joined Chad in Vietnam on a mission trip, and this stirred up our hearts for the work of helping children and communities in Uganda. This birthed into Yonder Ministries which present day serves orphans, vulnerable children, poor families and communities in the western part of Uganda: Kyenjojo and Kabarole District (Fort Portal).

Eventually in 2014, I moved away from Kampala to Fort Portal. I am married to my lovely wife Sharon Aineomugisha and we are blessed to serve God's people on this side of the world, by shining the love of Christ. Each day we are blessed to be witnesses of the amazing impact this cause has brought to so many lives.

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