Land Project

Yonder Life is seeking to raise $75,000 for the purchase of over 29 acres of land in Fort Portal, Uganda.  

On that land we will have a children’s home that can house up to 60 children in 5 different homes (12 in each with a matron). We will have a fellowship hall where we all gather to eat and fellowship, a guest house that accommodates 20, and a workers house that accommodates 6-10.

To be self-sustainable we will have a primary school and high school for 1200 students.  The tuition from the students will provide income for Yonder. We will have the best teachers and encourage foreigners to give a year of their lives to come teach in Uganda.

With the land we will be able to raise cattle, pigs, chickens, goats, rabbits, and have a fish farm for Tilapia or Catfish. We will also have a full range of crops and a full garden. Children in the homes will learn ranching, farming, mechanics, plumbing, arts and crafts, cooking, and much more on a weekly basis.

Many children in Uganda have at least one living relative which is why we shy away from the word orphanage. The Children’s Home will house children who are extremely vulnerable and work hand in hand with their living relatives to reunite them with that family member. We realize the best person to raise the child is the family. Yonder Homes will be temporary residence for majority of our children with true orphans staying longer for us to find foster homes or adoptions.

We are also passionate about helping the community help itself. Empower is the word for what we desire in these families. God has gifted all of us with a skill and talent. We all have something to be thankful for no matter how small. Building relationships with the families will help us cultivate these talents to empower them to work together to improve their communities.